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Residence: Kitzbuehel
Skis: Head
Bindings: Head
Boots: Lange
Ski Club: SC Partenkirchen
  • Maria from A to Z

    Ambassador – I’m Ambassador for „Laureus“ and "Franz Beckenbauer Stiftung"

    Blue & Gold – My favorite colors 

    CM – I’m exactly 182 centimeters tall

    Dolce & Gabbana, "The One" – My favourite fragrance

    Escada, Georg et Arend – My most beautiful evening dresses

    Family – My parents Monika and Sigi and my siblings Susanna and Matthias are most important to me. And my husband of course, but he deserves an extra entry

    Garmisch Partenkirchen – The town where I was born on November 24, 1984

    Hotel – My favorite hotspots: The London NYC (151 West, 54th), Fregate Island (Seychelles)

    Italy – Our house in Gardone on Lake Garda is my retreat

    John Grisham, Charlotte Link – Some of my favorite writers

    Kitzbühel – My new home. Stanglwirt in Going, my traning base, is just around the corner

    Landhäusl (Kitzbühel), Enzo (GAP), Schuhbecks (Munich) – My favorite restaurants

    Marcus – The man of my dreams and the love of my life

    New York – The ultimate metropolis! Tip: shopping at SAKS 5th Avenue (8th Floor) followed by dinner at LAVO (39 East, 58th)

    Oma Josta – My Granny. Her bread pudding is to die for!

    Profession – I was still in school when I became a professional skier in 2000. (I graduated from high school in 2003)

    Quo vadis? – Victories are great and important but at the end we have to remain loyal to our values at all times and learn through defeats

    Running, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Tennis, Backgammon – My hobbies when I find the time 

    Snow Leopard – My favorite animal. A beautiful cat and superior fighter, but it doesn’t roar

    Tiffany & friends – What could that be?

    URL – - the browser home page on my computer

    Vancouver 2010 – two Olympic gold medals and a “world record”: I placed in the top ten in all five races, a feat no other ski racer has managed before

    World Cup & World Championships: Overall World Cup Winner in 2011, World Champion in 2009, two World Cup bronze medals in 2011, four World Cup Discipline titles, 24 world cup race wins

    X-mas – The most beautiful and romantic festival of the year

    Yves Saint Laurent, Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Rupert Sanderson – Shoes, shoes, shoes …

    Zucchero, Gianna Nannini, Elton John – Music I really like




Latest World Cup Results

1613808.03.2014SlalomAreSWEWorld Cup718.26
1613707.03.2014Giant SlalomAreSWEWorld Cup1017.19
1613606.03.2014Giant SlalomAreSWEWorld Cup2116.23
1613202.03.2014DownhillCrans MontanaSUIWorld Cup918.36
1610402.02.2014SlalomKranjska GoraSLOWorld Cup2312.66
1609726.01.2014Super GCortina d AmpezzoITAWorld Cup37.29
1609625.01.2014DownhillCortina d AmpezzoITAWorld Cup47.57
1609524.01.2014DownhillCortina d AmpezzoITAWorld Cup10.00
1609423.01.2014Super GCortina d AmpezzoITAWorld Cup20.50
1608514.01.2014SlalomFlachauAUTWorld Cup48.20
1608312.01.2014Super CombinedAltenmarkt / ZauchenseeAUTWorld Cup33.32
1608312.01.2014Super GAltenmarkt / ZauchenseeAUTCombined Disciplines1013.21
1608211.01.2014DownhillAltenmarkt / ZauchenseeAUTWorld Cup38.03
1606929.12.2013SlalomLienzAUTWorld Cup33.38
1606828.12.2013Giant SlalomLienzAUTWorld Cup1522.02
1606222.12.2013Giant SlalomVal d IsereFRAWorld Cup57.16
1606121.12.2013DownhillVal d IsereFRAWorld Cup915.45
1605515.12.2013Giant SlalomSt. MoritzSUIWorld Cup1117.99
1605414.12.2013Super GSt. MoritzSUIWorld Cup815.33
1604808.12.2013Super GLake LouiseCANWorld Cup1921.54
1604707.12.2013DownhillLake LouiseCANWorld Cup10.00
1604606.12.2013DownhillLake LouiseCANWorld Cup10.00
1604101.12.2013Giant SlalomBeaver Creek, COUSAWorld Cup57.23
1604030.11.2013Super GBeaver Creek, COUSAWorld Cup822.09
1603929.11.2013DownhillBeaver Creek, COUSAWorld Cup716.64
1602616.11.2013SlalomLeviFINWorld Cup25.71

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