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Languages: German, English, Slovenian
Residence: Crna na Koroskem
Skis: Stoeckli
Boots: Lange
Ski Club: CRN - SK Crna
National Coach: Andrea Massi


    Tina Maze (born 2 May 1983) is a Slovenian World Cup alpine ski racer. She is one of just 6 women who have won in all five World Cup events and one of three women who have won in all five disciplines in a single season. Maze has 22 World Cup victories and is the current world champion in Super-G. She was the world champion in giant slalom in 2011,and won the overall World Cup in the 2013 season. In this season, she listed 11 victories and won a record number of World Cup points – 2414,beating the previous record of Hermann Maier of 2000 points from the 2000 season. In that season, she won the Super-G and Giant Slalom titles, finished first in the Combined event (although no globe was awarded) and finished second in Slalom and Downhill. Maze also improved previous Maier's record of podium finishes in a single season (22) with 24 podiums. In 2005, 2010, and 2011, she was awarded the title of the best Slovenian female athlete of the year. (www.wikipedia.org)

    Tina in her own words:

    I started skiing at the age of 3. At the beginning with my dad and then with the Crna Ski Club. Skiing is the most popular sport in my village. Other athletes, such as Mitja Kunc, made excellent results. When I started, training was rather easy, but now everything is a lot more serious. Anyway, nothing is really difficult if one has good results - and this is what pushes me forward!


Latest World Cup Results

1614616.03.2014Giant SlalomLenzerheideSUIWorld Cup169.76
1614313.03.2014Super GLenzerheideSUIWorld Cup312.93
1614212.03.2014DownhillLenzerheideSUIWorld Cup1539.18
1613808.03.2014SlalomAreSWEWorld Cup919.78
1613606.03.2014Giant SlalomAreSWEWorld Cup53.89
1613202.03.2014DownhillCrans MontanaSUIWorld Cup36.85
1609726.01.2014Super GCortina d AmpezzoITAWorld Cup58.61
1609625.01.2014DownhillCortina d AmpezzoITAWorld Cup10.00
1609524.01.2014DownhillCortina d AmpezzoITAWorld Cup716.19
1609423.01.2014Super GCortina d AmpezzoITAWorld Cup611.47
1608514.01.2014SlalomFlachauAUTWorld Cup1213.01
1608312.01.2014Super CombinedAltenmarkt / ZauchenseeAUTWorld Cup69.63
1608312.01.2014Super GAltenmarkt / ZauchenseeAUTCombined Disciplines611.05
1608211.01.2014DownhillAltenmarkt / ZauchenseeAUTWorld Cup1217.47
1607605.01.2014SlalomBormioITAWorld Cup2411.64
1606929.12.2013SlalomLienzAUTWorld Cup1516.14
1606828.12.2013Giant SlalomLienzAUTWorld Cup1421.11
1606222.12.2013Giant SlalomVal d IsereFRAWorld Cup1110.87
1606121.12.2013DownhillVal d IsereFRAWorld Cup23.70
1605717.12.2013SlalomCourchevelFRAWorld Cup1718.57
1605515.12.2013Giant SlalomSt. MoritzSUIWorld Cup35.51
1604808.12.2013Super GLake LouiseCANWorld Cup1318.75
1604707.12.2013DownhillLake LouiseCANWorld Cup610.83
1604606.12.2013DownhillLake LouiseCANWorld Cup618.18
1604101.12.2013Giant SlalomBeaver Creek, COUSAWorld Cup119.55
1604030.11.2013Super GBeaver Creek, COUSAWorld Cup1428.12
1603929.11.2013DownhillBeaver Creek, COUSAWorld Cup1628.14
1602616.11.2013SlalomLeviFINWorld Cup38.67
1600526.10.2013Giant SlalomSoeldenAUTWorld Cup1818.70

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