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Skis: Stoeckli
Ski Club: SC Kreuth
  • Viktoria Rebensburg, born  in Tegernsee, Bavaria, Germany, is the 2010 Olympic gold medalist in the giant slalom. Her victory in the giant slalom at Vancouver in 2010 was her first victory in international competition. 

    Something triggered on that day and ten months later Rebensberg won her first World Cup race in October 2010, a giant slalom in the season opener at Sölden, Austria. She won two more GS races during the 2011 season and took the giant slalom season title.

    In the 2012 season Rebensburg won four races and went on to defend the giant slalom season title. She also improved her speed skills and took her first super-g in Schaldming.

    2013 was her best sesaon so far, with 3 more wins, a 3rd place in the GS standigns and a surprising 6th place in super-g.

    The Olympic year 2014 brought one more medal (bronze in GS) to Rebensburg's collection, but she couldn't grab any World Cup win in that season.

    Same in 2015, where despite good constant results, Rebensburg struggled to claim the top spot on the podium. In the regular World Cup season, she took three podium placements (Val d'Isère DH, Cortina DH and Maribor GS), and as always, she nails it at the season highlights and grabs a 2nd place at the World Championships in Vail / Beaver Creek. Unfortunately, her season ends early because of a knee injury beginning of March.

    Her comeback in the 2016 season is pretty impressive, since Rebensburg had her best season ever, finishing 3rd of the Overall standings thanks to three wins and five podium placements in three different disciplines.

Latest World Cup Results

1688120.03.2016Giant SlalomSt. MoritzSUIWorld Cup10.00
1687817.03.2016Super GSt. MoritzSUIWorld Cup615.05
1687514.03.2016DownhillSt. MoritzSUITraining5
1687312.03.2016Super GLenzerheideSUIWorld Cup1822.17
1686807.03.2016Giant SlalomJasnaSVKWorld Cup21.76
1685927.02.2016Super GSoldeu- El TarterANDWorld Cup715.45
1685220.02.2016DownhillLa ThuileITAWorld Cup1026.09
1685119.02.2016DownhillLa ThuileITAWorld Cup825.24
1684917.02.2016DownhillLa ThuileITATraining10
1684311.02.2016DownhillCrans MontanaSUITraining13
1683907.02.2016Super GGarmisch PartenkirchenGERWorld Cup22.01
1683806.02.2016DownhillGarmisch PartenkirchenGERWorld Cup319.47
1683604.02.2016DownhillGarmisch PartenkirchenGERTraining3
1683130.01.2016Giant SlalomMariborSLOWorld Cup10.00
1682524.01.2016Super GCortina d'AmpezzoITAWorld Cup314.35
1682423.01.2016DownhillCortina d'AmpezzoITAWorld Cup820.75
1682221.01.2016DownhillCortina d'AmpezzoITATraining5
1681817.01.2016Giant SlalomFlachauAUTWorld Cup10.00
1681110.01.2016Super GAltenmarkt-ZauchenseeAUTWorld Cup1127.46
1681009.01.2016DownhillAltenmarkt-ZauchenseeAUTWorld Cup624.11
1679828.12.2015Giant SlalomLienzAUTWorld Cup32.33
1679020.12.2015Giant SlalomCourchevelFRAWorld Cup43.06
1678919.12.2015DownhillVal d'IsereFRAWorld Cup1413.87
1678616.12.2015DownhillVal d'IsereFRATraining30
1678212.12.2015Giant SlalomAreSWEWorld Cup1114.22
1677606.12.2015Super GLake LouiseCANWorld Cup623.82
1677505.12.2015DownhillLake LouiseCANWorld Cup820.94
1677404.12.2015DownhillLake LouiseCANWorld Cup1120.93
1676727.11.2015Giant SlalomAspen, COUSAWorld Cup713.12
1673324.10.2015Giant SlalomSoeldenAUTWorld Cup615.49

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