Languages: German
Residence: Radstadt
Skis: Salomon
Bindings: Salomon
Boots: Salomon
Hobbies: Surfen, Tauchen, Klettern, Trialfahren, Fliegen
Ski Club: SK Sparkasse Radstadt - Salzburg
  • Austrian Hannes Reichelt started his international skiing career in 2001 and has competed in all the various disciplines, but his greatest joys have come from the Super G discipline. The first time Hannes achieved a place on the podium was on the 20th of December 2002, in that day he came second on the Val Gardena stage of the Super G World Cup.

    He later went on to have great success in the Super G; out of the four races Hannes has won, so far, 3 were in the Super G category. The Austrian achieved his first World Cup victory on the 1st of December 2005 in the United States at Beaver Creek. He then went on to repeat himself two years later, on the 3rd of December 2007, when he won his second World Cup race, once more a Super G race, and once again at Beaver Creek in the US.

    His second win was also the harbinger of his best season to date. Not only did Hannes win the American stage of last season's World Cup, he managed to win another two races, the first on the 23rd of February in Whistler Mountain, Canada. However strangely enough it was a Giant Slalom race which saw Hannes victorious on this occasion. His fourth and, so far, final career World Cup victory came at Bormio, in Italy, on the 13th of March where he won his third Super G race.

    The two Super G victories last season, as well as a second place finish in Canada at Whistler Mountain and a tenth place finish at Val Gardena in Italy, helped him conquer the Super-G World Cup, his biggest success to date. However he had previously won two other international competitions. He was crowned Europa Cup giant slalom champion in 2003 and the overall Europa Cup winner in 2005.

    Even before he became a fully fledged professional Hannes had already proven his international credentials by picking up the bronze medal at the Junior World Cup.

    When not engaged with the skiing World Cup Hannes also enjoys a variety of other sports enjoying a relaxing round of golf, but he is just as likely to be found hanging from a cliff with his adrenalin glands working overtime as he enjoys one of his other favourite pastimes, rock climbing, or as it is known in his native Austria, Klettern. During the summer Hannes also enjoys a friendly game of beach-volleyball.

    Reichelt struggled to find his form in the 2009 season. His best result so far was a 3rd place finish in the Giant Slalom race of Alta Badia but it was the only occasion he managed to step onto the podium. A series of finishes outside the top ten saw him excluded from the first team of Austrian racers leading up to the 2009/10 season.

Latest World Cup Results

1651419.03.2015Super GMeribelFRAWorld Cup75.89
1651318.03.2015DownhillMeribelFRAWorld Cup109.91
1650207.03.2015DownhillKvitfjellNORWorld Cup10.00
1649528.02.2015DownhillGarmisch PartenkirchenGERWorld Cup10.00
1649326.02.2015DownhillGarmisch PartenkirchenGERTraining1
1648821.02.2015DownhillSaalbachAUTWorld Cup32.39
1646024.01.2015DownhillKitzbuehelAUTWorld Cup3426.44
1645923.01.2015Super GKitzbuehelAUTWorld Cup2421.14
1645418.01.2015DownhillWengenSUIWorld Cup10.00
1643328.12.2014DownhillSanta Caterina ValfurvaITAWorld Cup610.55
1643126.12.2014DownhillSanta Caterina ValfurvaITATraining18
1642520.12.2014Super GVal Gardena / GroedenITAWorld Cup36.21
1642419.12.2014DownhillVal Gardena / GroedenITAWorld Cup1120.49
1642217.12.2014DownhillVal Gardena / GroedenITATraining10
1641207.12.2014Giant SlalomBeaver CreekUSAWorld Cup2516.54
1641106.12.2014Super GBeaver CreekUSAWorld Cup10.00
1641005.12.2014DownhillBeaver CreekUSAWorld Cup813.73
1640702.12.2014DownhillBeaver CreekUSATraining56
1640530.11.2014Super GLake LouiseCANWorld Cup64.93
1640429.11.2014DownhillLake LouiseCANWorld Cup98.62
1640126.11.2014DownhillLake LouiseCANTraining11