50cm of fresh snow cancel DH training

31 January 2014 09:38
St. Moritz under the snow
St. Moritz under the snow -

ST. MORITZ, Switzerland - A heavy snowfall, which started on Thursday afternoon forced the cancellation of the second (and last) scheduled downhill training in St.Moritz.

Early this morning, representatives from the Organizing Comitte went up on the hill to check the situation and before 6am the Jury made the only reasonable call.

"Due to last night's heavy snowfall and today's forecast, today's 2nd men's DH training run in St. Moritz has been cancelled," the morning message said.

This comes as no surprise as over 50cm of snow covered the 2.5km long and 60m wide downhill track. To put this amount in prospective, the square footage to be cleaned up equals the one of approximately 28 football fields covered evenly with a half meter snow-coat.

In order to provide the best possible conditions for Saturday's race, today will be dedicated to clearing the hill of the fresh snow, a task which will require some 7-8h of grooming machine work.

With no snowfalls foreseen in the next 24h, this should allow for a smooth race tomorrow. Start time is set for 11.45 CET!