Ana Jelusic takes a year off

21 April 2011 07:50

Croatian skier Ana Jelusic will take a break from World Cup at least for next season. She has decided to take time off because of long-term problems struggling with asthma.

Ana Jelusic announced her decision at a press conference at the Westin Hotel in Zagreb. Big problems with asthma have been an integral part of her life for ten years. Although she had promised not to cry, the decision to take off some time from skiing was too difficult so as not to bring up emotions.

"This is probably the toughest decision in my professional life. I want to try to recover from my asthma to the extent possible. We have tried to keep it under control all these years, but I could never give my best in racing. Now my body says you need to get some rest," said Jelusic.

"Looking at the calendar, the upcoming season was the only season it makes sense to take off. My return can be in six months, in nine, twelve, and even longer. Everything depends on my health. "

'It's not something that happened this season because of having struggled with asthma for ten years. However, at the World Cup in Courchevel, when I practically 'hid' behind a banner and coughed before the start, I started thinking. I mean, it really makes no sense to me that after the race, skiers ask how my health is, not how my race went. Thinking about vomiting, and not about the race and skiing is absurd. My health is priority and not worth gambling with."

'Skiing is my everything. I will really miss it, but my health comes first. Thanks to everyone who have supported me."