Up-and-coming Adam Zampa gains confidence through ANC exploits

14 October 2012 09:18
Adam Zampa
Adam Zampa -

Adam Zampa is an up-and-coming tech specialist from Slovakia who made waves this summer season in the Southern Hemisphere by dominating the Australia New Zealand Cup down under. FISAlpine.com had a chance to catch up with Adam and find out more about him and his future plans:

Q. Adam, you spent almost two months down under this summer - how was the skiing down there?

Adam Zampa: Skiing in Australia and New Zealand was awesome! I started in Australia, which is a very interesting place for skiing. Everything is green like in the summer - also the leaves on the eucalyptus trees - but the snow this year was very, very good. I travelled there because of the better start numbers I get down there. The best thing for me was that I won and scored 8 points so after that race I felt really good. Afterwards I had nothing to lose in New Zealand and once we arrived in New Zealand, we started training with the French guys and with Veronika Velez-Zuzulova. It was fun! I then was really lucky in the race because in the ANC slalom (the most important race there for me), I had starting number one :) and I won and made 6 points. It was perfect for me because we’ve been to New Zealand before for training but not racing and the best training for me is RACING ! :)

But, yes, two months was very a long time but it’s better to have two months of winter and score 6 points rather than to have a very hot summer in Europe and not ski. The only thing that was bad was that I missed my girlfriend, mum, my youngest brother Teo and also the rest of my family. But that’s skiing and I am happy that my family understands that sometimes I have to be abroad a lot.

Q. In early August, you had an amazing run of eight back-to-back wins in slalom and GS and took home the ANC Cup overall and slalom titles - what happened there?

AZ: I think that when you are down there training, you have nothing to lose so in all my runs I went ''full gas'' and felt very good on the new skis. So I said to myself that since you have done it once, you can do it more times. Hence I tried the same in the other races and it worked:) I was very happy. It seems it is always like that: you have nothing to lose, everything is just in your head!

Q. You've just turned 22, have one European Cup podium under your belt along with another 2 top tens (all from last January) and you are just about to enter your third EC season: Where will we see you going this season?

AZ: The last season was very good for me, especially in EC giant slalom. I had a good feeling and this year I want to concentrate on World Cup and Europa Cup. We will see how it will be after the Sölden and Levi World Cups, and then my coach (my father) will confirm the program.

Q. With Veronika Velez-Zuzulova there's a top tech specialist on the ladies World Cup tour from Slovakia - how big is the SVK team and how big is the sport of ski racing in Slovakia?

AZ: I have been training with Veronika since I was 16 years old. She is like my sister and she is my biggest role model (star) in my eyes because in Slovakia we have no team. Veronika is mostly training alone with her mini team or with me and my brother. I am always training with my younger brother Andreas, my father Tomas and my serviceman Stanislav Vozarik. My parents are also my biggest sponsors - 90% of the season is paid by my parents. In slovakia it is very difficult to find a sponsor and our National Ski Association is not so strong.

Q. How did you get started with ski racing?

AZ: I started to ski when I was 3 years old but I started to train when I was 11 because my father always told me I still have time before getting to the gates so we always just went for a lot of free skiing. I began to ski because we are a skiing family. My father was also a racer and his parents too. My grandfather Frantisek Zampa was on national team in the Czech Republic and my grandmother Olga Zampova (formerly Brukova) was on national team of Slovakia. Even her father Karol Bruk was a ski racer who was on the first Czechoslovakian national team. So we really are a skiing family :D

Q. You also like free skiing - what is the perfect free skiing day like for you and where?

AZ: Yes I love to have same fun after the season in our mountains in Vysoke Tatry. It is something different and it is good not to think about racing but also about the fun. That’s the reason for why I ski!

Q. Come March what do you want to be able to say about your season?

AZ: I prefer not to speak about my goals before a season. All I know is that I want to ski in the World Cup and Europa Cup as I ski in training. I want to have two very good runs from start to finish and I believe the results will come. All I want is to stay healthy, have some luck and love, and the other things will come :)

For more information on Adam visit: www.facebook.com/ZampaSki or www.adamzampa.com

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