Andre Myhrer is enjoying the early months of fatherhood

09 September 2013 10:35
Andre Myhrer with daughter
Andre Myhrer with daughter -

If training has been the main focus of Swedish slalom specialist André Myhrer the past yeas, this spring his focus has been slightly different – he became dad to a baby girl. 

André took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about life, family, training and the upcoming season.

How are things going for you Andre, did you have any time to spend some time out in the sun and relax?

I’m doing really well but I haven’t yet have a chance to spend much time in a sun chair but I hope to slide my body down one of those before it’s time to put the skis back on again.

You became a dad for the first time this spring, how does that feel?

That’s the main reason why I haven’t had time for the sun chair yet. Fatherhood feels great, it’s a wonderful experience and it makes you quickly realize what’s important in life.

Rumor has it you where in Trysil at a ski camp when it was time for your daughter to be born… a trip home normally requires an 8 h, did you get there in time?

Yes we were in Trysil to test the new material when late at night, I got a text message (!) from Madelene that said I should pack my bags and come home as her water had broke. I must admit I did not really pay attention to the speed limit on the way home…

But everything went well; you made it home in time?

Yes, everything went well and 12 hours later I held our little baby girl in my arms for the first time.

Do you have time for training, or does your little princess take up all your time?

After her birth I had a week off. I took it to stay with my daughter but now I am back in full training again. If it felt like I hade too little time before, now I realize that might have been just a perception – with this little girl time flies! Luckily she has an understanding mother who knows that I need to train.

Do you have any plans for the summer? 

No not really, this year my main goal is to just enjoy and spend as much time as possible with my family.

You got the Mikael Ljungberg’s scholarship at the beginning of June, can you explain what kind of scholarship is that?

Yes, that was a really fun! It is a scholarship to the memory of the wrestler Mikael Ljungberg. It was a very flattering scholarship. (André awarded the prize for his “respectful attitude toward the people around him and an uncompromising approach on the slopes”.)

When are you planning to be back on snow again?

With the team we will be back on skis in the beginning of August. Currently my main focus is the physical training. 

You where a little bit “unlucky” this past season and ended up with a fourth place in the slalom cup. What are your goals for the coming season? You have a bronze medal from Vancouver 2010 to defend, so what are your thoughts for Sochi?

Yes, you could say there have been more fourth places than I wished for. The goals are already clear for me, two medals in Sochi, one of them gold! Then as always, it’s the cup. I want the slalom globe back to Sweden again, and it is about time to get up in the top with my GS!!!