André Myhrer wants gold in Schladming

21 August 2012 09:49
Andre Myhrer
Andre Myhrer -

By Ulrika Svensson

Sweden’s André Myhrer not only won the last slalom at the Schladming Finals but also took the slalom season title for 2012. He was very consistent all season, with 11 top ten results in the 12 slalom races on the FIS World Cup schedule.

We managed to get in contact with André, who is currently in New Zealand, to check how his summer has been and talk about his goals for this coming winter.

What have you been up to this summer?

Not much, I have been taking it really slow, been in Monaco and Sweden, no travels. Felt that I was kind of done with travelling after the season…

You have had some problems with your back during last season, and did an operation in May. What did they do?

Yes, I had a smaller operation with a special method where they go into the myelin sheath and try to burn out the fat around the nerves to get the pain to go away.

Do you feel any better?

Yes, the back feels better and I have done a lot of rehab this spring and summer, and the first tests on the skis also show that it is much better than it has been.

How has your training been after the end of the season?

Because of the operation, I had to take it slow in May. After that I have done a lot of rehab and as the back has been feeling better, I have gradually increased the training and more and more returned to a “normal” training for this time of the year.

Are you where you want to be?

I am not really in shape where I usually am in August, but here in New Zealand, it is easier to do physical training in the afternoons as we ski at a lower altitude than we normally do in Europe on the glaciers. So I will be where I want to be before it gets really serious and the season starts.

Any memorable things this summer?

I was in Gothenburg and saw Bruce Springsteen at Ullevi where he crushed all resistance and really showed who’s the Boss! For sure the highlight of my summer!

Have you had any gigs with your own band, Segertåget?

We have had some gigs this summer; it has been fun, but nothing that can be compared to the gig in Schladming at the Finals. I hope for a replay there at the Championships!

Yes the Worlds in Schladming - what are your goals there?


And your thoughts for the season, you have quite something to defend?

It feels good, I am looking forward to it and I’d much rather start the season with a red bib than a white one!

So you are on snow now?

Yes we are in NZ until 4th September. I have started out well with the skiing. In slalom it doesn’t feel like I have had any break. The feeling is quite the same as at the end of last season. The GS is also better than expected, especially with the new skis. It is an adjustment, but I think we are well-prepared and now when we finally can really go at the new equipment I feel positive, even though I still don’t think this rule change was a good idea.

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