Anja Pärson discusses her life in retirement

23 June 2012 13:13

Anja Pärson opened the Swedish Radio’s summer series called “Summer Talks“ or “Sommarpratare” today on Midsummer Saturday talking about her new life as a retired ski racer, and reflect on the highs and lows of her life as a top athlete. She announced retirement during the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals in Schladming last March.

In a very emotional and sincere talk, Anja discussed the many moments of luck and happiness that she enjoyed through her successes as the world’s best female skier and the most successful ski racer ever at title events. But she also talked about the flipside of being a top athlete, and what she may have missed out on and how she found the happiness that now fills her new life.

A key turning point for Anja occurred in the summer of 2005, after a very successful season she had had including the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Bormio, when she was looking for something to wear for the annual Swedish Athletes’ Party in Umea. Then she met Filippa, a woman who came to change her life in ways she never had imagined before. She explained how after a year of friendship with Filippa, the two of them suddenly realized that something had changed: "I am not sure when it happened but suddenly we both knew that everything was different. One day she just said it. I was not shocked, but scared for my life.”

Anja discussed the way from the first days of realization to coming to a full understanding of the unexpected situation and acceptance of loving another female and sharing her life with her. She also thanked her circle of family and friends for respecting her privacy and relationship over the years until now even if some may have needed more time to come to grips with it.

Anja Pärson chose to come public about her life and tell the truth now so that she and Filippa can go on with their lives as any regular person. She concluded saying that will be moving home to Sweden after 10 years in Monaco to live her "dream with a man, house and kids even if there has been small changes in the picture from man to woman...I have known for almost nine months what I will do in the future: I will become a mom!"

Good luck to you, Anja and Filippa and much love, joy and happiness to your growing family!