Austrian ladies try out judo

28 June 2011 12:14

After their men counterparts tried out boxing, the Austrian ladies are getting in shape with judo training.  The third training camp of the season from 27th June until 1st July saw the two World Cup training groups of the Austria Ski ladies' teams gather for the final week of the intensive conditioning block in la pura women’s health resort kamptal. The judo training was designed to help improve their maximum strength, body control and body posture.

Nicole Hosp commented: "The judo training was really cool and a lot of fun, and most importantly, it was a nice change. I am very happy with my progress in training. I am healthy and quite fit at this point. After the injury I had a good start into last season but then it did not quite continue the way I had imagined. The change of equipment has helped me find the optimal package and hope to be able to recover my old strengths again.“

Kathrin Zettel added: "I am currently still training based on my own program and trying to get fully healthy again. As before I continue to have some problems with my hip and that's why complete recovery is my main focus. I am not worried about the start of the season as I am optimistic that I will be back at full power in the winter.“

Elisabeth Görgl said: "The judo training was great training for speed strength, freedom of motion and body control. I think it is very important to teach your body new movements and try out other sports. We learned some moves and throws and it was both exciting and hard. We sweated a lot.“

The ÖSV ladies head coach Herbert Mandl summarized: "We are working hard to provide some variety into the every day training program. I think there were several excercises in today's workout that we can use in our program later on too. I noticed that our ladies were taking this very seriously and find that the training intensivity was good training for skiing from the perspective of aggressiveness as well."

Participating athletes: Margret Altacher, Anna Fenninger, Jessica Depauli, Andrea Fischbacher, Elisabeth Görgl, Nicole Hosp, Michaela Kirchgasser, Stefanie Köhle, Regina Mader, Stefanie Moser, Bernadette Schild, Nicole Schmidhofer, Christina Staudinger, Carmen Thalmann, Mariella Voglreiter, Kathrin Zettel