Austrian men's speed team on trial bikes

20 September 2011 13:43

The Austrian men's speed team led by group coach Andreas Evers are on a conditioning camp in Saalbach since Monday 19th September. One of the training units saw the racers including Klaus Kröll, Romed Baumann and others swapping their skis for a trial motorbike. That should help train skill and balance. Of course, without forgetting to have some fun!

Romed Baumann noted: "That was great fun. Everyone was fully motivated and it was also good training. Similar to skiing, trial bikes require a full body concentration which makes it very effective training for us. You also need very good coordination - it is very challenging. Moreover, what makes me very positively attuned is the snowfall in the last few days. We had to wait for a long time but the training conditions on the glaciers should be very good now. I would like to go train in Sölden on Thursday and Friday.“

Klaus Kröll added:"For me trial bikes are nothing new. I have been doing this for a few years now as an alternative. What is important here is coordination and balance. And now we are all very happy that it has been snowing and are very much looking forward to the glacier training.“