Austrian men train with special unit Cobra

18 June 2012 11:45
Philipp Schörghofer
Philipp Schörghofer -

After the cycling camp on Mallorca the Austrian men’s GS and combined group held another intensive training camp last week in the region of Innsbruck. Hannes Reichelt, Philipp Schörghofer, Stephan Görgl, Marcel Mathis and Frederic Berthold combined forces for training with the special unit Cobra.

"Our focus during the last three days was on extreme situations, both mentally and physically. The key to success was to be able to rely on learnt motions and reactions despite the extreme pressure. Most of the athletes managed this well," said conditioning coach Markus Plattner, who developed the camp program together with the Cobra team.

Workouts such as "rope technique" or a slackline at the height of 5 meters required precise implementation of the task and guidelines. “But we never forgot that we also wanted to have fun and for the team spirit this camp was excellent," added Plattner.

Hannes Reichelt welcomed the special training as a great change from the training routine: “I found the rappelling from 60 m of altitude awesome. A perfect shot of adrenaline at the end of the camp." Philipp Schörghofer agreed: „This camp included challenges from the high above slackline to conditioning and strength training at the Hungerburg. Now it is time to continue to train hard so we can celebrate in the winter!"

The Cobra training in a nut shell:

• Tuesday: Rope and running technique, Coordination - slackline

• Wednesday: Extreme parcours with breathing mask

• Thursday: Strength endurance, rappel from 60 m, at the end endurance