Austrian Speed Team at the Stanglwirt in Going

30 May 2011 17:11

Since Sunday, 29 May 2011, the Austrian downhill men train in Going (Stanglwirt) to get ready for the upcoming season. In addition to Klaus Kroell, Romed Baumann, Georg Streitberger, Manuel Kramer, Otmar Striedinger, Max Franz, Joachim Puchner and Mario Scheiber, the group coach Andreas Ever was also able to welcome Hans Grugger back on the team to participate in the training course.

Hans Grugger: "It's a great feeling for me that I can train with the guys again. I worked really hard on making that happen in recent weeks. It is my goal to continue to get healthier in the weeks ahead. My problems with the foot and the neck should get better as well. "