A baby girl for Sarah Schleper and a wedding for Rok Perko

21 May 2013 12:57
Baby Resi
Baby Resi -

It has been a weekend of celebrating love for a former and a current World Cup skier.

Last Thursday former US skier Sarah Schleper de Gaxiola who is already mom to five-year-old son Lasse welcomed her second child, a baby girl named Resi after her godmother skier Resi Stiegler.

It was unclear at first what was the baby girl’s name as some confusion among the well wishers about whether the baby’s name was Resi or Emi but it was soon cleared up in a Facebook post by the new mother.

“Hi friends. Thank you for all of your love,” Schleper wrote on Facebook the day after delivering her daughter.  “We feel so blessed to have a new little soul in our family. It truly is love at first sight. Lasse is so proud of his little sister. Sorry for the name confusion. Lasse named the little one Emi short for hermana (sister in Spanish) while she was in my belly. We called her Emi for so long that it stuck as her true nickname. Lasse's little Emi. We named her Resi after her godmother Resi Stiegler. Resi gave us her blessings on the name. We could not be more proud and excited of who she is named after. Lots of love friends and see you soon.”

While Schleper was recovering and enjoying her grown family, at the other end of the world Slovenian speed specialist Rok Perko was marrying longtime girlfriend Tjasa Cvetkov with whom he already has one-and –a-half year old son Oskar. After proposing to Tjasa on her birthday in January the couple celebrated their nuptials last Saturday in an outdoors ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Among the invited guests, Perko’s ski friends Matteo Marsaglia and Hans Olson attended the ceremony.