Benjamin Raich on the way back

02 June 2011 14:44

Benjamin Raich injured his left anterior cruciate ligament and tore a part of the outer meniscus at the World Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen on 16 February 2011. Three and a half months later, he gave an update on his health at a press conference in Innsbruck, including his plans for the upcoming summer months and a possible start in the season opener in Soelden.

Benjamin Raich said: "I'm doing very well. Doctor Karl Golser and my physical therapist Robert Weber are happy with my progress. It has constantly improved. All in all, I am satisfied with my health. "

He looks forward to increasing the intensity of his training in the coming weeks and months: "My body is ahead of schedule. If I continue to make such progress, I would like to be back on the snow to train at the end of August. But it is important that I make no nonsense and continue to train with focus."

He further hopes for a possible start in the season opener in Sölden: "My goal is that I'm there at the start. Whether that works out, we will know soon. It will depend on how I feel when I am back on snow. If that is right, much will be possible."