Bernadette Schild joins Rossignol

23 April 2014 16:19
Schild joins Rossignol
Schild joins Rossignol -

The Rossignol and Lange brands have just put the finishing touches to an agreement with the Austrian pool and will now be part of the Federation. The new deal provided a great opportunity for Bernadette Schild who decided to join Rossignol for the next two seasons. The talented 24-year-old sister of slalom ace Marlies Schild has already earned three World Cup podiums and several Top 10 finishes over the last two seasons. 

"I see this partnership with Rossignol as a way of working on and developing my technique, because the equipment is simply incredible! I was given a warm welcome by the entire team, and I can't wait to start the season and become an even more integral part of the team,” Bernadette Schild said of the change in material.

Angelo Maina, Director of Rossignol's Racing Department was equally pleased with Rossignol’s success in lurking the younger Schild sister away from Atomic, the skis she used so far.

"We are really happy to welcome Bernadette Schild into our team. She's a highly promising skier, and it's a great way of marking our debut in the pool with her. We'll pull out all the stops to make this new commitment a success."