Brignone and Schnarf to join the team on Stubai

31 May 2013 15:29
Federica Brignone
Federica Brignone -

The Italian Ski team announced that two skiers who have been returning from injuries are finally ready to join the team back on snow. Federica Brignone, who put her skis on for the first time in March after an ankle operation and Johanna Schnarf who is recovering from knee surgery will join teammates Chiara Costazza, Nadia Fanchini, Michela Azzola, Sabrina Fanchini, Sarah Pardeller, Marta Benzoni, Elena Curtoni, Sofia Goggia and Lisa Magdalena Agerernext week for training on the Austrian Stubai glacier. From Monday 3rd to Saturday 8th June the ladies will take part in the only ski camp planned in June.

“We are really happy to be joining the team and enjoy the perks of training again with our teammates,” the excited duo said about heading back on snow.


The team will be guided by coaches Livio Magoni, Alberto Ghezze, Livio Magoni, Cesare Pastore, Ruggero Muzzarelli, Roberto Alessandro and Marco Viale.