A busy summer for Lara Gut

10 July 2014 16:34
Lara Gut - Lenzerheide
Lara Gut - Lenzerheide -
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School and training have been a priority for Lara Gut, who has just recently graduated from high school after four busy summers pursuing her diploma. With studying now out of the way, the young Swiss all-rounder is ready to fully focus on the upcoming season and prepare the best she can for the upcoming World Championships in Vail/Beaver Creek.

At the end of June you have completed the Collegio Papio in Ascona high school and earned your diploma. Are you relieved now that this phase of your education is completed?

Relieved, might not be the right word. Rather, it feels like the conclusion of a thing that I started four years ago with this goal. It was a super interesting time, that's true. I have gone to this school because I like to learn new things. I wanted to graduate for sure, but I did not also want or school to be additional pressure. Seeing the result of my efforts is nice, but I do not feel a relief actually. I did this because I might want to study further later.

Which topic did you select for your graduation work? 

I have written about the Olympic Games of Sochi.

In addition to the commitments related to your graduation, you are also in the middle of the preparations for the next World Cup season. Is everything going according to plan? 

Yes, it’s all going as planned. The school part was nothing completely new; I've spent the last four years in it and always incorporated it into the training plans.

Your colleagues from Swiss Ski were in Mallorca for dryland training while you prepare with your private for the winter. Are you missing the comparison with your teammates, perhaps even the competition that with working out with colleagues sometimes brings? "

We have enough competitions in winter. I think it's important that I can work alone on my fitness training. I need to improve myself and get stronger as an individual. Physical training is not a fight against others. That would be dangerous, because creating race conditions would increase the risk of injury. The way I’m doing it is right for me.

Are you planning a last short vacation before the season? 

No, holidays are not planned this year, maybe later on.  For now I will continue my block of fitness training, usually it takes two to two and a half months. "

After the Olympic Games in Sochi the next big event are the World Championships in Vail / Beaver Creek, are you already thinking of it? 

No. My thoughts go more from day to day, I train to be better every day. I do not plan so far in advance. If I will be fast at the WCH in Beaver Creek this will be because I have given my best every day and did everything for improvement. I work every day and try to take a step forward each time, I do not do it only with the aim of Beaver Creek.

You won three World Championships silver medals; does it make you think of the gold one? 

No, I guess not. I do not think about a gold medal, I am thinking about fast skiing.


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