Byggmark injures knee during GS training

18 September 2013 08:50
Byggmark injures knee
Byggmark injures knee -

After suffering from a serious crash on Tuesday while training giant slalom in Saas Fee, Jens Byggmark returned to Stockolm in order to go undergo further evaluations. An MRI will hopefully provide answers to how serious the knee injury might be.

Byggmark posted a photo of the crash, where a helicopter is approaching in order to airlift the Swedish skier.

Byggmark wrote in the caption: “Yesterday I fell during a GS session. My knee is not in top shape at the moment so I will do a MRI…”

The team physiotherapist was hesitant to announce when the results of the tests will be available.

“We'll see what it shows, it might be clear right away, but it can also take a few days to decipher the images,” says Ulf Acker Leaves.

We hope the test results don’t show anything too serious and that Jens will be able to go back to training with the team in no time. 

UPDATE: A simple Instagram post, to announce the end of a season that never started.

"Broken ACL= Rehab for 6 months. Now I just can make the best of the situation and aim for next season, and I will come back stronger than ever. #roadblock#roadtosochi," are the exact words with which Byggmark let his follower know that while his teammates will be getting ready for the new season, he will be tackling rehab.

At this point all we can say is - Get well soon!!