Carlo Janka - The 'Iceman' on the right track

21 May 2011 13:32

Three months after his heart surgery Carlo Janka is in good health again and can concentrate on the training and preparations for the upcoming season.

Due to a disorder of his cardiac rhythm, Carlo Janka had to undergo a heart surgery on February 23, 2011. Last week Carlo successfully passed a stress test at the Swiss Medical Center in Bad Ragaz.

The 24-year-old athlete from Switzerland has again been exercising since two weeks and has been able to accomplish his training goals without problems. “Twelve months ago Carlo had to interrupt his training sessions after 100 kilometers on the bike, but now he is able to complete 300 kilometers without being worn out,” says his coach Jürg Roten. Nevertheless, team doctor Stephan Rickli cannot give a final all-clear signal. Carlo’s heart is okay, but the doctors still don’t know the cause of the virus that lead to Carlo’s abnormal pulse rate. Whether Carlo Janka will be affected by the same virus again will be clear when the training sessions will get more intense in summer.

The “Iceman” Carlo deals with this last uncertainty pretty cool: “I am feeling very good at the moment and I think I am on the right track.”


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