Celina Hangl and Chelsea Marshall announce retirement

09 September 2013 14:49
Chelsea Marshall
Chelsea Marshall -

Six years after her first appearance in the World Cup Célina Hangl says goodbye to the world of professional sports. The retirement of the 23-year-old comes as the consequences of multiple injuries, which Hangl has suffered in the recent years.

The young Swiss skier had a rich career with many highs and lows: One slalom silver medal at the Junior World Championships in 2008 (Formigal, Spain), four European Cup victories and a 13 place in the World Cup slalom in Aspen (USA, 2007), but alongside the success she was faced with a number of accidents and operations.

"In the past two years I have become aware that health is the most important thing in life. The last injury, in December 2012 was one too many and it no longer allows me to pursue professional sports, I could just increase the damage over the years," Hangl commented.

With her retirement, Swiss Ski loses a promising athlete who, despite multiple injuries regularly landed in the World Cup points.

In a collision with a snow cannon in training, in the summer of 2008 in New Zealand Hangl broke her left leg and she had to undergo several operations. As soon as she had fully recovered from this setback, she fell shortly before the season started in autumn 2011 – the result, a torn ACL and damaged meniscus. Hangl didn’t get discouraged and fought her way back into the team, but a third serious knee injury followed in December of 2012 and she decided it was time to call it quits.

Looking forward, Hangl has no set plans at the moment.

"I need a little bit first time for me to process everything. I will help my father in his business as I did in the past. Occasionally I'll try to catch some jobs as a makeup artist and gather some experiences. I have gotten a diploma for the make-up artistry during the last rehab. "

On the other side of the pond another retirement was announced. After a solid decade of competing as a member of the U.S. Ski Team Chelsea Marshall decided to hang up her downhill suit for good.

“This season at U.S. nationals, I ended up fracturing my tibial plateau so that was kind of the end. I’d had enough, and I just want to be healthy and start the next chapter,” Marshall explained.

Marshall’s next chapter in life looks sweet, indeed. Off snow, she’s become a sought after baker along with her former teammate Megan McJames, and the two spent most of their free time in the kitchen together. Now, Marshall plans to fully dedicate her time to this venture. 

“Well, my mom is a terrible cook, she can’t cook anything,” Marshall confessed, so she stepped up to fill the roll of cook and baker. This was no easy task in a family of hungry U.S. Ski Teamers, including her older brothers Jesse and Cody. She developed a passion for baking while on the road with the ski team, splurging for the occasional boulangerie confection that sparked her interest in sweet treats. Sharing her fresh, homemade baked goods became a way for her to give something back to supportive teammates, coaches and family.

Although baking may consume Chelsea’s focus for the time being, she hasn’t planned to leave the sport of ski racing altogether.

“I still want to stay involved in the sport as much as I can and help inspire younger athletes. I have a big passion for the sport and a lot of experience, so I want to give back in any way that I can,” she remarked

Marshall’s career highlights include an 8th place finish in the 2008 Sestriere World Cup downhill, a top 30 finish in the 2009 FIS Alpine World Championships in Val d’Isere, and being named to the U.S. Olympic Team for the 2010 Vancouver Games.

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