Changing plans for Svindal & Jansrud

13 August 2012 21:49

These days are seeing the Plans B and C come into effect for Team Norway's Aksel Lund Svindal and Kjetil Jansrud regarding their season preps this autumn. Normally both would be in New Zealand at the moment but given the less-than-optimal conditions 'down under' so far this season the two Norwegian stars chose swap the Kiwi-land to Swiss Saas Fee where they recently trained slalom and giant slalom. The Norwegian men's head coach Håvard Tjørhom is happy with the training camp in Switzerland.

The current plan now foresees dryland training until the beginning of September whilst the rest of the Norwegian men will travel to New Zealand on 18th August.  

"Original plan saw us travelling together but we have now decided to split both racers and coaches. It was a logistical challenge but for both Aksel and Kjetil it is important to get the training opportunity in Chile, especially for speed training. Once we were able to also sort out a slalom/GS training opportunity in Argentina for later on in September, we were able to define a good plan," says Tjørhom who himself will be travelling to New Zealand while Trond Moger will coach the athletes in Chile and Argentina.

Tjørhom is especially happy about the training opportunity for Kjetil Jansrud.

"It has been a bit slow with Kjetil this summer because of back problems but things are looking brighter. It will be good for him to have a period of dryland training in August so he can recover some of the lost training. He is continuing to train to build up his strength. So after intensive dryland training in August he gets a month skiing in September which should get him ready for the season start if he stays pain and injury-free," says Tjørhom.

Source: NSF