Chemmy Alcott might not be back on snow yet, but she is warming up with Dancing on Ice

07 January 2012 19:36

Chemmy Alcott, Britains top female skier will be temporarily swapping her Atomic Ski Boots for Ice Skates as she prepares to take to the stage on ITV1’s Dancing on Ice.

The show that sprinkles a touch of glitz and glamour to the cold winter months, returns to our screens and unwraps a bevy of well known stars, dazzling costumes and a host of twists and turns both on and off the ice.

Chemmy told us that she can’t wait to get back on to her skis and hit the slopes, especially after having her new boots fitted to her injured right leg, but sees this as a good way of building strength back in her leg and also to prevent returning to Ski racing too quickly.

Chemmy joins a handful of wintersports athletes to have graced our TV screens, such as Alain Baxter, Lesley McKenna, and fellow Atomic Athletes & Ambassadors Graeme and Martin Bell who all appeared on the BBC’s Superstars program.

Chemmy said:

“I can’t wait to take to the ice with my Professional Partner Sean Rice, I love to dance, and I'm very uninhibited. I'm one of these people who hit the clubs, dancing wildly, and you’re like 'Good on her, lets not copy it though!”

She may have tackled some of the toughest slopes in the world but sportswoman Chemmy Alcott admits that she is having the time of her life learning a new skill for Dancing On Ice.

As Britain‟s number one skier for a record seven years, Chemmy admits that she has found a new passion in ice skating and it’s helping her rehabilitation since recent skiing accident.

Chemmy said, “I have this massive opportunity with Dancing On Ice to do something that is going to help me get into the right state with my leg and with my sport and with my head. It's just amazing and I'm so grateful. The first few skating sessions that I did, the coach would say 'on your right leg, which is the one I broke, „go on your outside edge‟. It would take me 10 meters to make that connection from my head to my leg. If I was doing that in a skiing situation, downhill, that would have been disastrous. That's why I can't bounce back and do my racing straight away; I don't have that body control any more.”

She continued, “This is teaching me to do it in a safe environment. I didn't realize I was going to find it tough with my leg. I've been doing rehab for the last eight months, and it hasn't been sports specific, it's just been laboring rehab. But being able to take part in Dancing On Ice has been an eye opener, I worry because if I hadn't of done this, I would have rushed back to skiing and I would have not been ready.”

The professional skier admits that whilst her sporting background helped at the start of her training it’s now become a hindrance.

Chemmy says, “When I was a very beginner it was helpful because I had the discipline to know where my body was, but now that I'm getting better it's a huge hindrance because I have trained my body for 28 years, getting into a certain position. For instance I look out of the circle when I'm ice skating, so when I'm skiing I put all my pressure, and my body leans over but I have to do the exact opposite for ice skating and my body pattern doesn't work that way.”

Chemmy said, “We’ve start doing the lifts which are massively exciting. To be honest Sean does a huge amount of work, because the forces are all over the shop when you’re dancing with me, and he has to hold all of that. They can do that, that's why you get the professionals.”

Chemmy is hopeful she will be able to make the transition from the slopes to performing a choreographed routine. We wish her all the best for the show, and hope she makes a rapid return to the sport she loves most, skiing.