Chemmy Alcott returns on snow

30 May 2012 22:43
Chemmy Alcott
Chemmy Alcott -

Chemmy Alcott has announced her return to competitions after a long stop due to the big crash occurred in December 2010 during Lake Louise’s ladies’ downhill trials in which she broke her right leg.

In the previous season Chemmy had decided to take the time to return to racing at 100% of her fitness and perhaps look for more personal sponsors.

She is back on track in great shape also after her recent participation at the English program "Dancing on ice".

Chemmy commented after her first day on the snow on Sunday: "Skied today for the first time since 2nd Dec 2010. As expected there was a bit of pain and discomfort with the metal work, but the great news is the faster i went the less i felt my leg wohoo! Not that i went fast as I was under strict instructions on post injury ski rehab!! Can't wait until tomorrow, and the next day and the day after and all the other snowy days that i will have in my life!!"

Source: Colmar/Team Chemmy