Chemmy Alcott talks Olympic ambitions, cycling and the importance of proper recovery and nutrition

02 May 2013 15:28
Chemmy Alcott
Chemmy Alcott -

British number 1 female skier, Chemmy Alcott in is working with a new partner, cycling holiday company Neon Velo on recovering from surgery and training for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Here is a quick Q & A with her:


How do you rate your chances of making it to Sochi?

I’ll definitely be in Sochi.  Everything that I have done for the last four years, even Dancing on Ice, has been so that I can go back and compete and ski well in my last Olympics


What are your ambitions for Sochi?

Well I’ve come 11th twice now which is fantastic but I know that a top 10 is within my reach so I just need to have a clean run and a little bit of luck on the day and I’m aiming for a top 8.  I know it will be really challenging, especially as female skiing has come on a lot in the last four years.  It’s super competitive but that’s the goal and I know if everything goes well on the day I’ve got the belief to know that I can execute that.


How does cycling feature in your training?

All of my aerobic training is done cycling.  I think skiing and cycling are very compatible in that way.  I’ve loved it forever, I’ll wake up and depending on my mood, if I’m feeling a bit reckless I’ll go mountain biking and if I just want to put the hours in I’ll get the road bike out and really enjoy it.


How important are diet and recovery to you as an athlete?

Our season is six months long at altitude and we get one day off on a Monday and that’s a travel day. To keep going at 100% for that whole season, diet, nutrition, rest and recovery – you have got to be super efficient with it. It’s about using your time as efficiently as possible and that’s something I’ve learnt in the last three years. When I was younger I just thought about going harder, I just wanted to get maximum effort all the time but that’s how you burn out. As you get more mature you realise that rest, recovery and nutrition are just as important as all the hours you put in punishing yourself.


Original article, courtesy of Neon Velo can be found here.