Chiara Costazza: "I will be ready for Argentina"

23 July 2011 15:13

Slalom specialist Chiara Costazza has returned to snow along with the rest of the Italian ladies' tech team that is currently having its 2nd on-snow training camp on Stelvio.

"I am feeling quite well," says the 27-year-old. "The scar does not really bother me. I still have some problems in getting used to the boots but I am working with my supplier to perfect the fit and reduce pain on the tibia. I will need to fix all the mistakes I have created in the last two years in trying to ski through the pain. It will take some time but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Chiara pretty much lost the last two seasons to a bad Achilles injury and related complications. She will be starting with number 40 in slalom, the event in which she won in Lienz in 2007. She now finds herself on a road towards a return in grand style.

"I want to be ready for the trip to Argentina," says Chiara. "I still have a month to find the optimal equipment and work on my fitness. I need to be able to ski for 3-4 days back-to-back without pain and continue to improve my skiing. I will be focused on slalom in particular, and if everything goes well, my season will start at Levi. We'll see with giant slalom later."

The Pozza native is determined: "I have worked very hard in physio therapy and rehab all summer, even during vacation. I hope to have a great season this season."