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08 June 2016 21:27
Alpine Committee
Alpine Committee -

Today was a busy days for the Alpine delegates, with the Sub-Committee for Alpine World Cup in the morning and the Alpine Committee in the afternoon. These two meetings were very fruitful and the delegates could find a consensus on some burning issues. Here is a summary of what happened so far:

N.B. All the following decisions will be brought to the FIS Council for definitive approval and should be confirmed by Saturday June 11th.

Calendar 2016/2017
Some changes have been made to the latest draft (Zurich, September 2015)
-    There will be no City Event on January first.
-    The Finals in Aspen are confirmed.
-    The men’s Alpine Combined from Kitzbuehel will be cancelled
-    The men’s races between Christmas and New Years’ will take place in Santa Caterina
-    A men’s Alpine Combined will be scheduled in Santa Caterina
-    No men’s event will be held on the week-end before the Finals in Aspen.
The ladies’ tour will have four new venues in the upcoming season: Killington (USA), Kronplatz (ITA), Jeongseon (KOR) – test event for the Olympics, Squaw Valley (USA)

Starting order speed races
The Austrian proposal has been accepted by the Alpine Executive Board. From next season on, the starting order for ladies and men speed races will be determined as follows:
Athletes 1 to 10 WCSL are choosing between bibs 1 and 19 (odd numbers)
Athletes 11 to 20 WCSL are drawn between bibs 2 to 20 (even numbers)
Athletes 21 to 30 WCSL are drawn between bibs 21 to 30

Men’s GS Skis
The proposal from SRS has been accepted by the Alpine Executive Board. From season 2017/18 on, at all FIS levels, the men are going to race with the following GS skis:
Minimum ski length: 193 cm (- 5 cm tolerance only in FIS level competitions)
Minimum radius: 30 m
Maximum width under binding: < 65 mm
Maximum width at the top: < 103 mm

The Alpine Committee is not over yet, we'll keep you posted of any further important decisions as soon as possible.