Couples rehab: Maria Pietilä-Holmner & Hans Olsson

02 July 2012 05:22
Maria PH & Hans Olsson
Maria PH & Hans Olsson -

By Ulrika Svensson

They push each other to return to the slopes. Maria Pietilä-Holmner and Hans Olsson had a perfect timing with their respective injuries. First Maria injured her knee, and then Hans broke his leg.

“He probably just had sympathy for me,” says Maria and laughs. Together they are now working towards a comeback on snow this summer.

Maria and Hans have been a couple for 8 years, and this spring they have seen each other a bit more than usual. Maria still lives in Umeå while Hans has an apartment in Innsbruck, and there has been some wheedling from Hans to get Maria move there as well.

“It is here in Umeå that I have my base and feel settled. That is very important for me in order to be able to perform at my best.”

Hans has just gotten rid of his crutches, and the iron screws in his leg were removed. The plan is to be on snow in July, but first he has to fit his foot into the ski boot… He does not really know what to expect from the upcoming season.

“My last two seasons have not been the best, but now I have a new leg, new coaches and new skis so that feels good!”

Maria does not really know where she will be when she returns, what to expect as results. But one thing is sure.

“The only thing I have said is that this season will not be a season where “I shall come back from injury”. We have the World Championships coming up, but at the moment I do not really know where I will be then. My coaches and I have to evaluate that when it comes closer.”

Maria had a check of her knee last week with her doctor and her physio. Everything looks very good, and after 20th July, when it has been 6 months since her surgery, she can carefully start skiing again!

But before it’s time to be back on the slopes for the World Cup season, they have both a lot more rehab to do, and also some vacation planned.


Facts – Who does what at home?

Shopping groceries?

Maria: We do it together.

Maria 50% - Hans 50%


Who is in charge of TV remote?

Maria: Hans is more of a TV-guy than me, he is the boss there.

Maria 30% - Hans 70%


Who bakes at home?

Maria: I do

Maria 100% - Hans 0%


Who is behind the wheel?

Hans: I am

Maria: I think that was hard, 85-15 then, but that doesn’t mean that I’m bad at driving.

Maria 15% - Hans 85%


Who cooks?

Hans: I do 80-20 there.

Maria: No, that’s not that much

Hans: Yes it is, I wont give you more than 70-30

Maria 30% - Hans 70%


Who does the dishes?

Maria: You do not do 100

Hans: She usually builds up a mountain of dishes, and then I have to do it all.

Maria: Yes, I always try to get away.

Maria 5% - Hans 95%


The laundry?

Hans: That’s where I’m good at escaping.

Maria 95% - Hans 5%


Maria Pietiä-Holmner and Hans Olsson rehabbing (Photos private)