Czechs win Nations' Team Event

15 March 2010 13:53

The Czech Republic won the Nations' Team Event that was staged on the last day of the Audi FIS Ski World Cup Finals in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GER) on Sunday. Ondrej Bank, Sarka Zahrobska, Lucie Hrstkova and Krystof Kryzl progressed to the final in the one-on-one knockout team competition, where they beat the 2nd ranked Swiss to earn the victory. For the first time, the NTE was held as a parallel giant slalom event and served as a pilot of the new format. Team CZE was the 12th and lowest ranked of the participating 12 nations, according to the Nations Cup points prior to the event.

The fastest run prizes went to Ondrej Bank (CZE) for the men and Fabienne Suter (SUI) for the ladies while the most points were collected by Suter and Nadya Styger (SUI) on the ladies' side and Bank and Natko Zrncic-Dim (CRO) on the men's.

1st-ranked Austria beat Croatia in the race-off for the third place, securing their place at the top of the overall Nations Cup (as well as the ladies' and men) standings for the season.

The format is a new invention, but won praise from German skier Felix Neureuther. "The competition is definitely much better than it used to be."


Big Final: CZE vs. SUI 2-2. Sarka Zahrobska vs. Nadia Styger (Run time 28,00). Ondrej Bank (Run time 26,49) vs. Marc Gini. Lucie Hrstkova vs. Fabienne Suter (27,87). Krystof Kryzl (26,64) vs. Sandro Viletta. CZE wins thanks to fastest time by Bank.

Small Final: AUT vs. CRO 2-2. Michaela Kirchgasser vs. Tea Palic (28,19). Marcel Hirscher (26,89) vs. Ivica Kostelic. Elisabeth Görgl (28,73) vs.
Ana Jelusic. Benjamin Raich vs. Natko Zrncic-Dim (27,02). AUT wins thanks to fastest time by Hirscher.


SUI vs. CRO 3-1: Styger (28,14) vs. Palic. Viletta (27,39) vs. Kostelic. Suter (28,53) vs. Jelusic. Marc Berthod vs Zrncic-Dim (27,29).

CZE vs. SUI 3-1: Zahrobska (28,48) vs. Kathrin Zettel. Bank (26,98) vs. Raich. Hrstkova vs. Görgl (28,54). Kryzl (26,74) vs. Romed Baumann.


SUI vs. SWE 3:1: Styger (28,22) vs. Maria Pietilä-Holmner. Gini vs. André Myhrer (27,11). Suter (28,46) vs. Jessica Lindell-Vikarby. Viletta (27,00) vs. Hans Olsson.

AUT vs. CAN 4:1: Kirchgasser (28,37) vs. Brigitte Acton. Hirscher (26,93) vs. Manuel Osborne-Paradis. Zettel (28,33) vs Britt Janyk (28,33) tie. Baumann (26,88) vs. Erik Guay.

CRO vs. ITA 3:1: Palic (28,64) vs. Manuela Mölgg. Kostelic (26,87) vs. Manfred Mölgg. Jelusic vs. Denise Karbon (28,26). Zrncic-Dim (27,09) vs. Giuliano Razzoli.

CZE vs. FRA 3:1: Zahrobska (27,99) vs. Taina Barioz. Bank (26,52) vs. Thomas Mermillod Blondin. Hrstkova (28,26) vs. Tessa Worley. Kryzl vs. Steve Missillier (26,88).