Daniel Albrecht and Silvano Beltrametti "never give up"

26 April 2011 08:16

About a week ago, the Swiss Daniel Albrecht and Silvano Beltrametti officially founded the nonprofit organization "never give up" with the aim to collect money for charitable organizations.

The attitude to ‘never give up’, which has accompanied Dani Albrecht and Silvano Beltrametti in their lives and has helped them overcome great obstacles, has become a national movement. Based on a transparent and non-profit organization a lively, interactive platform that is supported by the public is to be created supporting diverse ‘never give up’ activities and donating profits to good causes.

The foundation for ‘never give up’ was laid by Dani Albrecht after his serious accident in January 2009 in Kitzbuehel. The first spontaneous action during which shirts and caps featuring the ‘never give up’ writing were sold, has made up to 80,000 francs with the proceeds being handed over to the two foundations called FRAGILE SUISSE and pro integral.

The ‘never give-up’ undertaking has reached the hearts of many people by simple means and has brought a lot of positive things on a small and large scale. Dani and Silvano not only share their love of ski racing, but also their will to keep fighting and to not give up. Because of what happened to them, the two are confronted with the issue to not give up on a daily basis, similar to many other people, which is why the project has enjoyed lasting resonance. Dani Albrecht and Silvano Beltrametti and friends were thus inspired to further develop and expand the concept ‘never give up.

Positive power for everyday life

In a recent interview Dani Albrecht said that ‘never give up’ is a “strong attitude, a compelling idea, and hopefully also a movement supported and carried on by many people. The never give up attitude and the accompanying behavior in the daily lives of many people should be encouraged,” and Silvano Betrametti added that ‘never give up’ should be “developed into a movement that is supported by the general public with ideas, projects and products."

Building up the Movement

Dani and Silvano are supported by Friends in the gradual development of the movement. The idea is to engage athletes who were confronted with life altering situations or struggling with their destiny as the project’s main ambassadors. The focus lies on the initiation and continuous support of concrete, never give up 'activities.

The project was launched with a ‘never give up’ line of products made from various textiles. Additionally, the ‘never give up’ products were handed out to interested company partners for employees and / or customer gifts. The distribution of the ‘never give up’ products occurs through the web shop.

Interactive Platform

The base of the movement is a lively, interactive platform for those interested, who want to give themselves or their environment a ‘never give up’ boost. It provides an impetus and creates possibilities and options for information, inspiration (eg publications, lectures) and networking (eg events, parties). Besides the possibility to order, ‘never give up’ products, the open platform enables launching individual actions and integrating personal contributions. The website www.never-give-up.ch is supposed to be a meeting place for information exchange allowing the community to launch and discuss ideas and meet like-minded people. All this makes up the extraordinary character of ‘never give up’.

With the website presence that helps creating this unique platform and keeps the movement in motion allowing all interested parties to continuously develop and shape ‘never give up’.

Transparency with profits

The profits are fully donated to charitable projects along the lines of the ‘never-give-up‘ spirit. When purchasing a service or product, the buyer knows exactly the amount of his donations. Because of pre-defined criteria direct donations (from the purchase price of a product / service a fixed amount flows directly to a project), or profit donations (the half-year profits are distributed in the following 6 months to specified projects) are distributed. ‘ Never give up’ informs about the activities and results every six months.

More information on the project can be found on