Daniel Albrecht leaves Atomic for Head

01 July 2011 13:30

For the Swiss racer Daniel Albrecht, the coming season will likely make or break his hopes for a comeback on the top level of Alpine ski racing. For that purpose, Albrecht is making some drastic moves. Including leaving his long term equipment brand Atomic for a new set-up with Head.

Albrecht celebrated all his victories, including four World Cup victories and the gold and silver medals at Are 2007 at the FIS World Ski Championships with Atomic. He is leaving the long-term supplier on mutually friendly terms: “Dani’s had a hard way back to the race-track. He has, already in the run-up to this so important season, uttered the wish to re-orient himself in terms of material as an additional motivation for his comeback endeavors. In his situation, it is not unusual but very understandable. We have discussed all possibilities with Dani in order to keep him in the team. But since it is all about new impulses for him, we have accepted his wish and released him”, commented Wolfgang Mayrhofer, General Manager for Atomic.

Atomic Race Director Rudi Huber added: “Dani is one of the greatest Atomic athletes of all times. Not matter on what equipment…We wish him all the best for his further comeback. Ski sport needs athletes like him.”

Despite the departures of the likes of Lara Gut, Marc Berthod and Albrecht (all SUI) along with German slalom ace Felix Neureuther, some top Swiss athletes that continue to ski on Atomic next season include 2010 World Cup champion Carlo Janka and the new Swiss super talent Justin Murisier.