Dominik Paris masters the Streif and celebrates thrid golden "Gams"

21 January 2017 15:21
Impressions World Cup Kitzbuehel
Impressions World Cup Kitzbuehel -
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Kitzbuehel 2017 has its downhill winner, and his name is Dominik Paris. The Italian is ahead of the French duo Valentin Giraud-Moine and Johan Clarey.

It was a fantastic day on the Streif in Kitzbuehel ! The course presented itself in a perfect shape, the weather allowed to start from the very top with a bright sunshine and approximately 50’000 spectators came to watch the show on site. And as in 2013, Dominik Paris is the one standing at the very top of the podium.

“To win twice at the Hahnenkamm is an incredibly special and brilliant experience. I was lucky today, as some of my competitors didn’t handle the Hausberg section as well as I did – that is what decided the race at the end of the day. Let’s see if we can top the party of 2013.”

In second place, Valentin Giraud Moine surprised everyone and confirmed his talent on one of the toughest course in the world. The 24 years old skier was in the spotlight in Kvitfjell last year, where he skied to second position, and the 4th place in the second training was definitively a hint for his excellent feeling on the Streif.

"I felt confident after the summer. I was not very lucky at the start of the season but now is is paying off and I am really happy to make a good run today and I am really, really, happy to make it here in Kitzbuehel. It's the most dangerous race in the world and it's incredible to be here."

His teammate Johan Clarey has more experience already, as he has been on the circuit for twelve years already and mastered the Streif eight times. So much experience, that he even considered retiring with three career podiums in Kvitfjell (2nd in 2014) and Val Gardena (3rd in 2013 and 2009).

"I've had some good results here; I was fourth last year and fifth a few years ago. I said to myself last year when I was fourth, 'You have to be on the podium.' I was almost retired at the end of last season and I said to myself that I have to do one more season to live Kitzbuehel again and weeks like this and now I'm on the podium. I'm speechless. We are two French on the podium, it's the best day I have lived on the World Cup circus."

The speed events are now over on the Streif and tomorrow the zick-zack skiers will take over the Ganslern hill for a slalom starting at 10.30 CET for the first run and 13.30 CET for the decisive run.