Fanny Chmelar says goodbye in pink tulle skirt

20 March 2013 10:24
Fanny Chmelar
Fanny Chmelar -

German slalom specialist Fanny Chmelar said goodbye to her skiracing career at the Ofterschwang slalom in a pink tulle skirt.

The German, who has one podium finish in 2009 in Are addressed her retirement on her personal blog.

“I had a really great day in Ofterschwang and would like to thank sincerely all those who celebrated with me, especially my euphoric fan club,” Chmelar wrote.

“Being able to finish my World Cup career on home soil in Ofterschwang was great. My goal for the day was to have fun, and I managed to do that. I am sure that day will stay with me forever,” she continued.

As for all professional athletes saying goodbye to their sports, thinking about it and actually not packing for the next camp are two very different things and it was no difference for Chmelar who counts 89 World Cup starts.

Chmelar said about leaving the sport: “The idea to move away from professional sport is one thing, but to make it official, is another story. I only became aware when I said my first goodbye a few days before the World Cup in Ofterschwang at the European Cup race I was racing. I was overwhelmed by my emotions and could not hold back the tears. I see this as a good sign. If it was easy to stop, that would be a sign of lack of passion. I know I was always in it with my heart and soul!”

Chmelar says she was toying around with the idea of retiring after last season but chose to give it one more year. During the pre-season she trained mainly with the Swedish team in order to start again in the World Cup and to fight for good results.

 Yet as the end of the season approached the tough of ending her career seemed once again like the right decision.

“Ski racing has become less and less fun and my personal expectations didn't lower the pressure I put on myself. Thinking about starting something new in my life made me happy. I am hungry to aim for new goals and am excited to see the outcomes of it. Even if things still look "unclear" at the moment, I am very excited about the future,” Chmelar writes.

“Despite ups and downs, I will not miss a single moment. I become richer in experiences that have made me stronger in many ways. During my career I got to know many great people who have been very supportive and given me strength,” the German skier concluded her post.

We wish Fanny all the best in her future endeavors!