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20 June 2017 14:51
Federica Brignone
Federica Brignone -
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She was one of the decisive athletes in the win of the ladies' Nation's Cup for Italy this winter, and could celebrate not less than six podiums including three wins this season! Federica Brignone is a reference in giant slalom and is becoming a feared contender in other disciplines as well. Get to know the charming Italian better through our summer Q&A:

Three World Cup wins and a 5th place in the Overall ranking, it looks like 2016/17 was your best season so far. How satisfied are you with your performances? 
Yes, even if the beginning of the season was not what I was hoping for, from mid-January on I was really satisfied with my results in all the events. After my 15/16 season, which was my best up to then, I was looking forward and had a positive feeling for the next season. So I was surprised that 16/17 didn’t start that well for me. But luckily in the end, the results are what I worked for all summer and what I was hoping for. 

With a first place in the Alpine Combined in Crans-Montana, you’ve now won in three different disciplines. Why is it so important for you to be a polyvalent skier? 
I love skiing and I love to race, so for me doing many disciplines means doing a lot of training, lot of races and more possibilities to get good results. I’m never bored, training is always challenging and different. 

Winning in the Giant Slalom in Aspen, together with Sofia Goggia and Marta Bassino in second and third, must have been one of the highlights of last season. How did it feel to share this with teammates and sweep the podium?
It was great, very emotional and fun! To share your happiness with others is an intense sensation. I think I’ll remember that day for my entire life. We showed that we are a strong team, that the technique is important and that we are working hard. 


This podium was also the decisive step towards the historical win of the Nation’s Cup for the Italian ladies. What made your team so strong this season? How is the atmosphere between the athletes? 
Yes, I’m so happy to be part of this strong team. Our secret? We set good examples for each other. When you have several girls skiing fast, you have to push more and more every day to keep up the level. So many strong girls in competition is very positive for us, it’s what makes us even better. 

Giant Slalom is your most successful discipline and you ended fourth of the season standings in the past two years. What’s missing to make the step on the podium and maybe even win the Crystal Globe? Is this a priority for you? 
It’s my biggest dream! I’m doing too many mistakes, I’m falling or skiing out in three or four GS per season… Score 0 points as many times hurts and those points are missing at the end of the season for the final ranking. I’m either “all-in”, which is risky, or I’m not confident enough that I can grab a podium placement, which holds me back. This is what I have to improve, and I am working on this really hard. 

What are your goals for next season? How high are the Olympic Winter Games on your list? 
My goals? WIN. It’s easy to say, but hard to accomplish. The Olympics are important, but first I have to qualify for them - so WIN - in the intern race, which is not so easy with my teammates. My second biggest dream and goal is a Crystal globe. 

Summer preparation is in full swing as we can imagine. After a break and some surfing in Bali, what’s on the program for you? Do you enjoy dryland season or is it just a necessary step to be ready for next winter? 
After my surfing/recharging vacation I was really ready to start my dryland trainings. I’m an active, non-stop girl so I love to train, keep fit, give my best everyday. Those big efforts are really satisfying, I prefer this than rest normally. Besides, I like summer because I get to stay home a little more, I have more time with friends and family and I have the chance to train with my super training group. Raffaella Brutto (snowboard cross), Martina Perruchon (young slalom team) and me do our dryland together, that makes efforts less hard. Now it’s time for track and field, many workouts outdoor (I try to work outside as much as I can), a week with the team in Formia and a week in Sardinia with my physical coach. I’ll be back on snow at the end of July. 

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