Feuz makes progress

28 November 2012 13:35
Beat Feutz Adelboden
Beat Feutz Adelboden -

Good news from Switzerland: Beat Feuz is on the mend. If everything proceeds well, the doctors think he should be able to leave Inselspital in the course of next week. He will however have to return for periodic check-ups. 

The inflamation has almost disappeared, according to the latest blood values. This is thanks to an operation to remove a hemotoma, and to treatment with antibiotics.  Feuz will need to continue to take medication but should be able to transition from infusion to pills next week.

The medication to support hemostasis has been stopped. The knee joint is no longer bleeding or swollen. Beat Feuz could begin with initial physiotherapy. Matthias Zumstein, lead doctor orthopedic medicine at Inselspital in Bern commented: "We are happy: the recovery is very satisfactory.“

Meanwhile, Daniel Albrecht who crashed in the downhill training in Lake Louise last week Thursday has returned to Switzerland. He was flown with the help of the Swiss REGA to Bern where he arrived on Tuesday and was delivered to the Inselspital.

On arrival the doctors diagnosed him with a trauma on his knee with a complete tear of the structures of the inner side of the knee, patella dislocation and full tear of the ligaments stabilizing the patella.

Albrect was succesfully operated and now wears a provisory brace to stabilize the knee. He will soon receive a customized brace for himself and can then begin to move the knee again.  

Beat Feuz in the Inselspital in Bern