Final DH training cancelled in Val d'Isère

20 December 2013 10:27
3rd DH training cancelled in Val d'Isère
3rd DH training cancelled in Val d'Isère -

Val d'Isère, France – As expected, it finally started to snow yesterday in the Tarentaise valley. The total amount of fresh snow was around 10 to 20 cm. The temperatures at the bottom of the valley were slightly over zero degrees. The jury hence made the decision to cancel the third and final training run and use the whole day to best prepare the piste for tomorrow's race.

“Rushing the preparation for the training today might jeopardize the quality of tomorrow’s race”, said FIS chief race director Atle Skaardal. “The goal is to avoid snow cat work on race line and to only use slippers. The snow is quite soft in the lower section and the machines would not do any good to the track.”

For now more than 100 people are shovelling the snow off the race line and two snow cats are grooming the sides.

We expect the temperatures to be cooler tomorrow and to have a clear sky overnight. The piste will then get harder and be perfectly ready.

The downhill start is scheduled for 10:30 CET tomorrow