First dryland training for the Austrian Ski Team speed group

05 May 2011 07:27

Training for the upcoming World Cup ski season has started: Since Sunday, the Austrian men’s downhill team stays in St. Martin's Spa and Lodge in Frauenkirchen, an official training and partner resort of the Austrian Ski Federation, getting ready for the upcoming season.

Klaus Kroell, Georg Streitberger, Romed Baumann, Max Franz and Otmar Striedinger have ventured into archery and reed canoe construction at the recent media event.

"I did not think that you can keep yourself above water with reeds. To me that is very impressive. The archery was a great change in the program. One or the other arrow even hit the mark," said Klaus Kroell.

Austrian Ski Team mate Romed Baumann: "In archery you have to concentrate on the essentials with the goal always in sight. Considering this was my first time, I didn’t do too badly. "

Mathias Berthold, the athletic director of the Austrian men’s ski team: "Especially in the summer training, it is important that everything goes perfectly. The spa resort of VAMED Vitality World allows us to offer the athletes change from the normal training program."

Max Franz, Klaus Kroell, Georg Streitberger, Romed Baumann and Otmar Striedinger featured their skills constructing reed canoes. (Photo: GEPA)








Group coach Andreas Evers and Mathias Berthold, the athletic director of the Austrian men’s ski team, had everything under control. (Photo: GEPA)









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