French women skiers train at World Cycling Centre

26 July 2010 10:30

France's Women's downhill ski team swapped skis for bikes this week to train on the velodrome at the World Cycling Centre (WCC) in Aigle, Switzerland.

As part of their summer training programme, and in preparation for the World Cup, the seven athletes combined gym sessions, track cycling and trampoline during their training camp from July 18th - 23rd.

It is the third time that the French Skiing Federation has sent a delegation of women athletes to train at the WCC after 2007 and 2009. Track cycling helps them work on their strength while varying the traditional methods of training. This year they added trampoline sessions to their training programme, under the guidance of Swiss national trampoline coach Robert Raymond.

The French skiers were accompanied during their Swiss training camp by physical trainer Nicolas Brocardi, coach Laurent Chrétien and two physiotherapists.

Photo: The French skiers at the entrance to the WCC with physical trainer Nicolas Brocardi (second from right) and their physiotherapists.


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