Frida Hansdotter: "The goal is to be on the GS podium!"

09 September 2013 15:30
Frida Hansdotter
Frida Hansdotter -

After this great winter, Swedish skier Frida Hansdotter has had a quite busy spring. But she took a moment after a camp in Juvass, Norway to tell us how life has been and share her thoughts on the upcoming season.

Hi Frida, we can agree you got your breakthrough this season with a bronze from Schladming and four 2nd places at World Cup races. Ending up third in the slalom cup must have been a nice satisfaction too. Have you been more popular than usual with the sponsors?

You can absolutely say it was my break trough season. And this spring I have been invited to more sponsor happenings and events than ever before. Much has been fun, but the best part I must say is that I got to pick up my summer, a cool lone from Audi. It is a present from them for my bronze medal from the World Championships.

Have you had any vacation yet?

In May I was away for two weeks - New York, the Caribbean and Miami. 

You were in Juvass in Norway last week, what did you do there, and who were you there with?

Juvass showed us its best side, and we had sun every day. I was there with Rossignol Sweden and skied with they youth that skis on Rossignol. I did the same camp last year, and it is a really fun and nice experience. My dad is also one of the coaches, so it is extra fun to have some additional ski days with him.

There were some changes of coaches for the next season and now Christian Thoma will be responsible for the technical group, how does that feel?

Of course I will miss Rudi as we have had him as a coach for a couple of years now. But Christian is a really good coach, and I am really looking forward to train slalom with him. I think this new constellation of trainers will be perfect, and it’s going to be a great season!

You will continue with your focus in both slalom and giant slalom? You went from 45th place in the GS cup 2012 to a 8th place this season, a huge jump up! What are your goals for the next one?

The focus remains both on slalom and giant slalom. Last season my GS proved better than I expected; to go from 45th to 8th was very good… So now in the upcoming season the goal is to be on the GS podium!

It’s the Olympics this season, after your World Championships medal, are you now wanting more?

World Championships are something special, and of course my medal from Schladming was something extraordinary. It was my first big medal and it would be wonderful to come home from Russia with one or two more. But a lot of things have to go right, it is two days, four runs that have to be perfect. The slalom is where I have the best chance to snatch one, but everything is possible and with two really good runs and if it is my day, I could come home with a medal in GS as well. We will see, but of course is my goal to be among the top and fight!

When is the plan for your first camp on snow again?

We have now a break from skiing until the 5th of August when we go to Juvass or Stelvio for our first camp.

Do you have any other plans for the summer?

The vacation in the US was the highlight for this summer. Now I will enjoy the Swedish summer, I plan to go down to Helsingborg in the south of Sweden and also do some sailing on the west coast. Otherwise I will be at home and just relax!

Courtesy of Swedish Ski Team