From ski helmets to baker's hats

15 June 2011 18:27

Two USSA Alpine racers start summer catering business

by Andrew Kirk,

Roommates Megan McJames and Chelsea Marshall love to bake. They do it to pay rent, they do it for friends and they do it to release stress after training with the USSA Alpine racing team.

Needing a way to keep busy in the summer months, the two teammates decided to start a catering business specializing in baked goods. They named it Sister Sweet Tooth and specialize in cookies, cupcakes, pies, banana bread and birthday cakes.

Spending most of the winter in Europe with their Alpine team, the two have tasted some of the best baked goods in the world and believe they're up to par. McJames said one of Marshall's chocolate-chip cookies is all it takes to make one a believer. Marshall said McJames makes an apple pie that is second to none.

Friends and family agree, frequently hiring them to cater weddings. So with professional gigs under their belt, the two are now opening their services to everyone. In addition to nuptials, Marshall and McJames say their wares are perfect for book clubs, birthday parties and any other events where comfort food is in order.

"I grew up baking. I come from a large family. It's a passion," Marshall said.

With other commitments in the winter months, Sister Sweet Tooth is only open for business through the end of October. They are confident they can make anything desired for a summer soiree.

"We recently made a margarita cupcake that turned out really well," McJames said.

"When we make it at home it is personalized. We have more control of what we put in. We that feel, or that vibe home-baked goods. That's more personalized," Marshall said.

If a client is not particular, they'll bake some of their own favorite items for an event. But they're also up to taking requests of any kind and trying out new recipes.

Marshall and McJames frequent the local farmers markets seeing what is in season and creating concoctions based on what is fresh and ripe. Summer invites fresh, citrus flavors, Marshall said. But they also love baking pies with ripe berries.

"We make what's in season while exploring what farmers are offering at the time," she said.

Everything they offer is athlete tested, the two said. At first they would bake for their Alpine team members, but then others got wind of what they were doing. Now they're frequently baking for everyone in the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association family.

"It keeps us busy. We're trying to work and go to school, but it's good for taste testing. We take it to the gym and all the athletes are willing," McJames said.

"It brings us closer because four different sports come together for our baked goods," Marshall added. "It's nice getting the big group together."

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