Gauthier de Tessieres moves on to "second life"

01 February 2014 08:51
Gauthier de Tessieres
Gauthier de Tessieres -
Agence Zoom

In a statement published on his website, this Friday French skier Gauthier de Tessieres announced he was retiring from his career as a professional skier. 

“Today is a very special day for me: I decided to leave the athlete's high profile life and turn to my ‘second life’," de Tessieres wrote.

After 14 years in the France National Team, the vice- world champion of Schladming 2013 decided he would not be there to defend his medal at next year’s World Championships in Beaver Creek 2015.

A combination of lack of success this season, not being nominated to the Olympic Team, the coaching staff mainly being involved with Sochi for the next month all were played a role in de Tessieres’ decision.

“I had this great goal of going to the Olympic Games (my 3rd), it’s the dream of every athlete. I had an amazing time, less than a year has passed since at the World Championships where I won my medal. I choose to leave the athlete’ life to live my "second life." I see myself behind the screen in the future. I think I could still have fun following the careers of all my skier friends, especially the young talents of the French Team. Also, I still plan to compete at the French Nationals and at the Military Championships at the end of the season,” he continued on his page.

The French skier, finished by thanking all those who were with him along the way.

“I want to thank my teammates in the speed group, my coaches, my Alpe d'Huez and all my partners who have supported me in good times, and the bad ones. I have always shared everything with them and this is what makes them my strength even today. It is also for this reason that I have no desire to cut myself off from the sport I love and know so well. I would be happy to follow races behind a microphone in the future,” de Tessieres concluded.

We wish Gauthier all the best in his future career and hope to see him at some of our races in the future, even if in a different role.