No giant slalom for Jacquemod in Aspen, USA

23 November 2010 10:52

Finally, there will only be seven ‘Bleues’ on the piste in Saturday's giant in Aspen. In agreement with the staff, Ingrid Jacquemod decided to concentrate on the speed events and skip Aspen. Hence, the skier continues her preparation in Naksika for the Lake Louise races next week.


The French team will be represented by Barioz, Barthet, Baud, Bertrand, Marmottan Noens, Worley.


At 32, Ingrid Jacquemod will ski this year one of her last seasons. But after her three World Cup podiums in 2010, one of them being a third place in Lake Louise, CAN, the skier from Val d'Isère wants to build on the extensive work done by herself, especially for the World Champs in Garmisch in February.

Transformed and transmuted. Ingrid Jacquemod, who tortured her spirit to find out how to climb back onto a World Cup podium, had to wait five years to find the key to success. Since 2005, when she won her only victory in the downhill in Santa Caterina, she had to be content with winning the places of honor. And then, last season's came the revelation. "I feel like I have explored new things inside of me to progress and to seek performance. I feel I have grown. It's very rewarding. "An self-examination almost for this perfectionist who had lost all pleasure to train. "The difference was made from a mental point of view. I asked myself the right questions, including: "How can I do it so that my passion is not reduced by failures? Why did I spend so much energy but failed to have fun?" . The catch? Her utter failure at the Worlds in Val d'Isere, at her home in 2009: "If I wanted to continue, it had to be addressed differently in the race but also in everyday life. I just tried to give all I have without much calculation. "


Ninth in the overall World Cup last year and fourth in the downhill standings, for her who has become adept to winter baths in frozen waterfalls *, was released. "Had I finished 40th in the World Cup last year, I would perhaps not be here talking to you about my ski season. "At 32, the oldest of the French group has therefore decided to return for one year. With the primary objective for the World Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in early February: "It's time to do what I failed to in Val d'Isère or at the Olympic Games in Vancouver (Ed., 10th in the downhill). The Olympics are over for me so I would like to present myself like I did on the World Cup, but in a one day event.

Finally fulfilled and well in her ski boots, Sandrine Aubert nevertheless has difficulties to get rid of her old demons: "I hope to tackle my season the same way. On the level of confidence, I am doing well but I still have doubts to tell me that I will perhaps not be able to do the same thing again. "Hence the importance of a quick result in the World Cup. I evolved from a very large generation of skiers. Being able to beat Lindsey Vonn, would be huge for example. "The French seems to have forgotten that she beat the Olympic and World champion last season in St. Moritz?


* Since last year, Ingrid Jacquemod has included special sessions in the waterfalls in her preparation: "I started doing this out of curiosity after a little trip with friends who are freeriding and freeskiing. I liked it. That's my thing right now. It has the same effect as when the rugby men plunge themselves into the big trash cans filled with cold water. The waterfall has the same effect just more punishing by a 1000. I do it when I'm home in the Alps. This is not training, it's my little trip. "

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