Gini skips season, Kirchgasser out for three weeks

06 January 2012 07:58

Marc Gini, the Swiss racer who had mucous membranes removed from both of his knees three months ago, is going to skip racing this season. The slalom specialist hopes to be able to be top fit to start in the future. The recovery process after the operation has gone well but Gini is still not able to train without pain. The reason for that is damage to cartilage that was operated on early in 2011. "The cartilage has not healed as it should. That is why I continue to have pain while skiing," said Gini. 

The 27-year-old can currently do strength and endurance training without problems, he cannot, however, ski without pain. Marc Gini continued: "My goal was to be able to race this winter and am clearly disappointed that it is not working out. But I will rather give my body enough time now and enjoy another few good winters in the future."

Meanwhile, Michaela Kirchgasser (AUT) who finished third in the Snow Queen Trophy slalom in Zagreb, sustained a bruise on the head of her tibia in the first run of the race on Tuesday. She had an MRI examination on Wednesday evening and will now likely have to rest for three weeks before returning to the World Cup.

Kirchgasser does not need an operation but will be working on recovery with the help of physio-therapic measures.

"Of course it is a real shame with this injury right now. But I will take the positive feelings from a podium finish and my other good results from this season with me to help me come back and get fit as soon as possible," said Kirchgasser.