Glacier training for Italians on Stelvio and Les 2 Alpes

01 July 2010 08:45

The week of workouts for the Italian downhill skiing teams took place at several different locations.

One group consisting of the slalom skiers Patrick Thaler, Stephen Gross, Cristian Deville, Manfred Moelgg, Giuliano Razzoli was on the glacier Les Deux Alpes until Saturday, June 26, along with the technical group constisting of Jacques Theolier, Cesare Pastore and physical coach Victor Micotti. The speed skiers with Peter Fill, Werner Heel and Christof Innerhofer along with coach Gianluca Rulfi, Massimo Carca, Massimo Rinaldi, Richard Mazagg e Matteo Guadagnini were on the Passo dello Stelvio until Thursday, June 24.

The tech Italian ladies gathered instead in Val Senales where they stayed until Thursday, June 24. The training was attended by Gianesini, Chiara Costazza, Federica Brignone, Denise Karbon, Nicole Gius and the coaches Stefano Costazza, Paolo Deflorian, Giuseppe Zeni, Angelo Weiss, Nicola Martini as well as physical conditioning coach Michaela Abart.

Finally, the European Cup ladies group trained on the glacier of Les Deux Alpes (FRA) until Monday, June 28, accompanied by manager Roberto Lorenzi and the technical experts Marco Pilatti, Marco Sberze e Corrado Momo. Present on the slopes were Enrica Cipriani, Camilla Borsotti, Marta Benzoni, Sofia Goggia and Elena Curtoni.