Grange back on skis: I did what I like most!

10 October 2012 21:48
Jean Baptiste Grange back on snow
Jean Baptiste Grange back on snow -

Jean-Baptiste Grange (FRA) is back on skis. After his injury in spring he had his first day on snow today – his birthday. Bad weather conditions were a minor matter. The most important thing: he felt no pain, only happiness! Read more in the interview:

First of all, happy birthday! How was it, skiing the first time again after your injury?

It really was okay. I skied on slalom skis, a really good feeling! Although the conditions were bad. It was foggy in the morning and we had to wait a long time. But finally I went skiing and I was really happy with my knee. It felt very good, I had no pain at all.

How was it mentally for you to come back?

I had a smile on my face because I was so happy! Of course, I was a bit afraid and nervous before. I had no idea how my knee would work. In physical training during the summertime I sometimes felt a twinge. But there was no pain when skiing. I talked to Cyprien Richard about this, he had the same kind of surgery years ago. They took the patella as an alternative for the ligament. And he told me that he had the same problems. But everything worked out fine in the end.

Are you confident about the first World Cup Slalom in Levi (FIN)?

I’m not sure. I think Levi is too close. It’s only one more month and I don’t want to start too soon. The rehabilitation takes longer if they use the patella in the surgery. So I prefer to take my time. I’ll start in the World Cup when I feel that I’m ready!

What are your plans for the upcoming weeks?

I’ll stay here in Tignes (FRA) until Friday or Saturday free skiing. Then I’ll have six days off. Of course during that time I’ll have physical training. And then I’ll come back to Tigne again. I’m confident that next time skiing a restart in short gates will be possible.

Where will you set the focus in your training?

First of all in the confidence in my knee. And secondly of course on my new material. I switched to Fischer this summer and it’s neccessary to focus on a good feeling on skis, not on the performance.

How was it on new skis today?

Well, normally it’s always a bit tough to restart, specially if you do the first steps on slalom skis like I did. But it felt so easy on my new material!

What is your plan for this evening?

I’ll have a drink with the team to celebrate my birthday. It’s a good feeling to be back with my team colleagues and to see everybody again.

What was the best thing today?

The feeling to be back on snow again. And to do what I like most: skiing!

Source: Fischer