Green light for Hans Grugger

27 September 2011 20:35

After examinations at the University Clinic of Innsbruck and the regional hospital Hochzirl Hans Grugger was today given the green light to return to skiing, eight months after his serious crash in training in Kitzbühel.

"I am very excited. I was even quite nervous in the last few days. I am happy that it has worked out this way. Of course I have been training very hard  in the last few weeks and really demanded the utmost from my body," said the Salzburg native.

"The injury to the carotic artery is not yet completely healed but everything is good to the point that I received the ok to begin skiing again. I plan to start skiing in the next two three weeks. But before that I have to prepare myself physically as it is a big step for me. I am sure to first be free skiing for a few months to get ready and have fun at it again. Then we'll see again what happens." 

Leopold Saltuari, Head of the neurological department for acute recovery at the hospital in Hochzirl, is very pleased about the progress made by Hans Grugger:"Principally we can be satisfied with the development of his neurological symptoms. Hans Grugger may return to skiing but not to training. We will re-examine him in six months again.“