Hählen, Schmidiger and Zurbriggen injured in training

25 August 2014 11:40
Zurbriggen -

It has been a rough week for three Swiss Ski skiers as they all suffered injuries while training. Reto Schmidiger had to plan an early return from a camp in South America as he suffered an injury to his right knee’s outer ligament. Schmidiger got momentarily distracted while unloading from a chairlift and the chair caught his right boot. Luckily, after undergoing an MRI and X-Ray upon his return to Switzerland the medical team decided a surgery would not be necessary. Schmidiger’s predicted healing time is of two months and if all goes well he could possibly even start the season’s first slalom of the winter.

"My goal is to be in Levi at the start", said Schmidiger, "but more important is a good and complete healing, so I'm really ready for the rest of the season and especially for the World Cup then!"

Returning from South America on the same flight as Schmidiger was Joana Hählen who suffered a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in her left knee during a giant slalom training in Argentina. Unfortunately her season is over before officially beginning.

"It is harsh, how fast it can go," says she said, "your whole fitness training, the hard work put in has been in vain and the World Cup winter is over." Luckily for Hählen, no other structures in the knee were injured and she will be able to resume training for next season without restrictions next spring. 

Swiss veteran Silvan Zurbriggen suffered a herniation of the disc the day before his departure for South America. So traveled only his luggage, which had already been sent travelled to Chile but he was unable to follow. Zurbriggen is disappointed by the seatback as training in La Parva would have been a novelty for him and he was looking forward to the new challenge and planned races.

"A Super-G race that I could have done in Chile, would have been very important for my FIS points," he explained.

Surgery is not necessary for Zurbriggen at the moment and the treatment recommended by chief the physician of the Swiss Alpine is already showing its first results. It’s hard to predict the exact course of his healing just yet.  

We wish Joanna, Reto and Silvan all the best in their recoveries and hope to see them back on snow very soon.