Hans Grugger plans comeback without Streif

20 May 2011 08:59

Hans Grugger announced that he is working on a comeback. After long and considerate reflections he has come to the conclusion that he wants to try coming back if his physical and mental fitness allows for it. Grugger will be talking about his decision in the Ö3 radio show "Breakfast with me”, which will be aired on Sunday, 22 May 2011 from 9:00 – 11:00 CET. The Austrian skier also said that in case he will be back where he left off, he will not be skiing down the treacherous Streif again.

In an interview published a week ago by the Austrian Ski Federation, Hans Grugger spoke about his daily life, recovery process and supporting network almost four months after his crash in the Kitzbuehel downhill training. Read what he said in the interview ...


Q: Tell us what you do the whole day and how are you doing?

HG: Things are going quite well. I still need more sleep though. I tend to go to bed at 10 pm and sleep in until 9 am. Then I usually conduct a training unit in the morning or do therapy and again in the afternoon. Since the accident, my condition has improved so much that I can ride the bike for 1.5 hours now and go running. The last time I went running for 40 minutes. These things all work quite well again. Of course I am still doing the therapy exercises that focus on improving coordination. I have been able to steadily increase the extent of the training over the past weeks.

Q: Some time has passed since the crash, have you been able to digest what has happened?

HG: Of course I have thought about the incident but I don’t feel ready yet to actually watch the crash on tape. The bodily harm that I suffered by the accident was considerable and it is a bit difficult to say what this will mean for me in the end but many things were put back in perspective. I mean, if you go biking and you see the lush meadows and you think that things could have gone really wrong and you would have never been able to see the beauty of nature again. In such moments, I feel really happy and appreciate that I was lucky.

Q: Do you still have contact to your team colleagues?

HG: I am definitely still in contact with my team members and have phone conversations with them on a regular basis. Buder Andy, who also was my roommate during the season, calls me quite often. In fact, the relationship with my team colleagues is almost as it was before the accident. I even participated at Michael Walchhofer’s going-away party.

Q: Did this accident strengthen your relationship with your girl-friend Ingrid?

HG: To go through such an intense experience definitely brings you closer together. My girl-friend Ingrid and I spent a lot of time with each other over the past months. I cannot remember the first four weeks after the accident and during that time it was extremely important to have her on my side and have a shoulder to cry on.

Q: What are your vacation plans?

HG: We are thinking of going to Sicily for a week if time allows. My girl-friend is quite busy with her studies right now.