Herbst operated on shoulder

29 March 2012 13:01

Reinfried Herbst was operated on his right shoulder in Salzburg on Thursday. The operation had become necessary following the major crash in the final training for the Kitzbühel World Cup slalom this year.

"It went well", said the Salzburg native who was operated by Univ. Prof. Dr. Herbert Resch. In mid-January, Herbst had sustained a bone splinter of approximately one centimeter in length just above the right biceps. 

"The operation took an hour and a half. The bone was fixed to ensure that the right shoulder works properly again. I will stay in the hospital until Saturday as it is important to take it easy right now. The therapy will begin next week. I will take April off from training and begin training properly in May again," explained Reinfried Herbst, who fought the season through until the Finals in Schladming.